Dan Corbin

Dan Corbin’s figurative sculptures are a convergence of conceptual tendencies and the human figure. In Corbin’s intersection of figuration and conceptualism, past present and the future co-exist at the same moment, illuminating what it feels like to be alive during current times, with all its beauty, complexities, contradictions and possibilities. Multiple purposes are a recurring motif in Corbin’s work. The artists sculptures address issues of contemporary society; materialism, industrialization and cultural change,while simultaneously referring to a wide range of human emotions. His sculptures lift the spirit while questioning what it is to be human. Corbin’s sculptures postmodernist in nature are a tripartite of concept, emotion and content. He has rethought and remade figurative sculpture to reflect new global trends and social issues. His sculptures infer figurative representation has not lost its significance, moreover, it continues to meaningfully evolve.