Elizabeth Waggett

The works of British artist Elizabeth Waggett are highly sought after and have been exhibited at solo shows in NYC, L.A, Abu Dhabi and Manchester.   Waggett has exhibited her drawings, and editions, around the world. She has presented her work in art fairs in Basel, Miami, New York, London, Hong Kong, Zurich, Brussels, Houston, and Paris.  Waggett has also been commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales in collaboration of the Prince’s Trust, 50th anniversary.   Waggett has worked with luxury brands as such as Saks, Soho House and SLS Hotels and has been featured in campaigns alongside Fendi and Valentino.  She holds an honours degree in Fashion and a postgraduate in Design from the University of Manchester.  Elizabeth is currently residing and maintaining full time studio practice in New York City.

Eminently modern and free spirited Elizabeth’s artwork focuses on the confusion of today’s modern society.  She challenges the viewer to confront the relationship between humanity’s preconceived notions of value and worth, in our consumable world.  The Gold Standard, which has been used for centuries, is a perfect representation of humanity’s obsession with vain and valueless beauty.